Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Halflings ho!

Just in time to return to work (strictly speaking I'm still a bit flu-y. but I have stuff that I need to do...), I managed to finish up my halflings. I just have some treefolk to do as some chunky melee supports and I'll have 1000 points for KoW, or 200 crowns of troops for Mayhem

The halfing militia are mostly Eureka halflings, with Magister Militum command pack chaps added for variety - and for the cooking pot. I'm counting the standard bearers as halfling militiamen with pikes.

The halfling yeomanry (and Hugo the Bold) are all Magister Militum, from the pony cavalry pack and the command pack.

This is probably my last post for a while as I am now way behind at work and in life. However, don't quote me on this. There is always room for procrastination... 🙈

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Halflings of Hearthshire

I've had a halfling 'thing' since childhood. From Tolkien's Middle Earth to the Warhammer Old World, there was always something that appealed to me about the unassuming everyman who would stand up against tyranny when the moment came. Last Christmas, my good mate and gaming buddy JB decided to get me a pack of Eureka 10mm halflings to get me started. On my birthday, he them presented me with a couple of Magister Militum packs of halflings to push me further down that particular rabbit hole.

Having been off sick and restricted to the house, I managed to paint up the first couple of units for a halfling army. I'm not sure what rules will be used yet - Kings of War or perhaps Mayhem? I have army lists written up for both. I'm still not sold on KoW, and have yet to actually play Mayhem. Regardless, here is the start of the halfling militia of Hearthshire.

The Squire of Hearthshire is the musician from the Eureka halfling pack. I really liked the sculpt, so he has been promoted to a leadership position.

The rangers are also from the Eureka halfling pack. There were 10 archers and 20 mixed militia chaps in the bag. The militia are coming later, but these lads are the skilled halfling archer units.

This scouting mounted unit is from Magister Militum. They are supposed to be halfling ostrich riders and while I concede the wings do look ostrichy, the rest of the sculpt says 'goose' to me. Geese scouts also fit better with my concept of halflings as agricultural folk.

There are halfling yeomen, halfling militia, and supporting treefolk still to come, but they have not yet even been undercoated...

Thursday, 1 February 2018

6mm Minoan reinforcements

In lucid moments between savage bouts of coughing, I've managed, just, to finish up a few more units of 6mm Minoans for my L'Art de la Guerre Mycenaean/Minoan army. I only have six units left to do before the army is finished, but with each one taking so much time and effort while I'm down with the super-mega-power-flu, I wanted to post a wee work in progress shot so I can feel like I've achieved something... All models are Rapier 6mm Trojans.

My third commander, attached to a unit of heavy chariots. 

Two units of heavy spearmen with missile support and pavises. Given the option of fully kitting out my heavy infantry, I was inspired by the so-called 'Lion Hunt' dagger from Myceneae, to integrate archers (and slingers) among the spearmen rather than in a single rank behind them. I know the dagger shows a hunting scene, but (from memory) Homer describes the same sort of scene - Teukros firing his bow from the shelter of Ajax's shield in the Illiad - so I went with it.

Each base has 10 spearmen, a musician, an officer, and three skirmishers (a couple behind, and one among the spearmen). I will further mix up the positioning of the skirmishers on the other bases.

This shot is just to compare the heavy spearmen (pavises and missile support) on the left, with my medium spearmen (pavises and missile support) on the right. The mediums only get two skirmishers to a base and their spears are much shorter.

My two bases of slingers. It is a shame there is only one sculpt in the pack, but the sculpt is suburb. Who sculpts pecs and abs on 6mm figures!?

Friday, 26 January 2018

Hail Hydra

Right. I'm off work at the moment with the so-called (and ever so ironic) Australian flu. Bloody antipodeans. It means that, in theory at least, I can hobby. But, my god, that last post nearly killed me, so I'm just going to leave these pictures here. Model is the 15mm Hydra from Alternative armies, mounted on a 40x60mm base.

Incidentally, if you like the bushes, they are being made up and sold very cheaply by an old wargaming mate of mine. You can see what he has HERE.

Hey... who's that hiding in the bushes?